Marvin Scott | Tenor | Reviews

“Marvin Scott’s

brief but touching solos

in “Los Enamorados”

were etched with exquisite emotional delicacy.”

Washington Times

„Marvin Scotts kurze

aber berührende Solos

in „Los Enamorados“

beeindruckten durch vorzügliche emotionale Feinheit.“

Washington Times

Paco in The Cuban Zarzuela “Maria La O”

“Marvin Scott’s brief but touching solos in “Los Enamorados”
  were etched with exquisite emotional delicacy.”

T. L. Ponick, The Washington Times, Washington DC

Ferrando in “Cosi Fan tutte”

“Scott and Eberhardt are masters of timing and body language”

“The comic element is well handled by Scott and Eberhardt, who are transformed from rustic vaudevillians to the coolest dudes in Hollywood, with elaborate body language

to accent their finely phrased singing”

JosephMcLellan, The Washington Post, Washington, DC

Three Mo’ Tenors

“Their stage presence is smooth and assured; brimming with the confidence that comes from experience.”

“Scott presents Rachmaninov’s somber “Spring Waters” in evocative Russian, illustrating

the graceful beauty of the work with effortless vocal range.”

Savoy Magazine, Rosalind Cummings-Yates, Spring 2005 Issue

“The crowed roared approval for Scott’s rendition of “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired”….

Equally well received was a version of “Bring Him Home” sung by Scott and Diggs”

Three Mo’ Tenors (cont.)

“Scott was another crowd favorite, with his engaging mannerisms and his first act-ending “Minnie The Moocher””

“Each man displayed an impeccable instrument”

Chip Chandler, Amarillo Globe News, Amarillo, TX

“Diggs, Moody and Scott each executed lovely solo performances in the operatic numbers, shifting effortlessly from powerful crescendos into delicate passages barely above a whisper.”

“Scott excelled as the group’s dominant comedic spirit.  His wide smile and facial expressions were a highlight of such jaunty standards as “Honeysuckle Rose” and

Cab Callaway’s Minnie the Moocher,” for which Scott donned a flashy Zoot Suit.”

“Even better was the material that followed, especially Scott’s booming solo rendition

of the spiritual “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired.”

Jim Abbott, The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Florida

“Scott, on the other hand, channeled Cab Calloway in a funny and energy-filled version of "Minnie the Moocher," the jazzman's trademark song that brought the audience to its feet.”

Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News, Orono, Maine

“The crowed cheered enthusiastically when Marvin Scott took the stage in a hat, walking stick and coat with tails to sing Cab Calloway's most famous song, "Minnie the Moocher."

This number received the loudest applause of the evening and brought the first act

to an exciting close.”

Meliqueica Meadows, The Current, St. Louis, MO